Download Torrents with Download Manager using ZBIGZ

Previously I had mentioned How To Download Torrent Files using IDM in this post. That was using torcache. Here is another similar method to download  using Torrent Files using IDM for some really quick download Speed. Follow the Steps below.

  • First get the Torrent file of the Game or the Software you want to download. It is of the format [.torrent] like in the image below.
  • Go to Here upload the .torrent file you had downloaded earlier or paste the link to that file and Click on the Go button.
  • Now all you need to do it to wait till the Torrent file is cached. The Problem with caching is that sometime it might take more time. But more often it happens within a few minutes.

  • Click on the Download Button and When you are asked to Choose an Account, Choose a Free Account. And then Downloading will start.

Thats it. Do let us know whether you had to wait a lot to download using this method or else you can always go back to this post and use this method.

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