How to send large media files to any mobile phone or email address-Suresh Dangi

Almost all email providers restricts the attachment file sizes of emails sent. In Gmail, users are only able to attach files that are less than 225MB, and most email providers; restrictions are even less than that. Text message attachments are just as, if not more so, restricted.

The WizDrop is a quick way that you can send a media file up to 100MB to any mobile phone or email address.
To use the WizDrop application, simply follow these instructions:
Enter the email address in the From box
Next to the Number 2, click the Browse button and then upload your media file. You will be able to load any video, audio or picture file, but zip files will unfortunately not work. The size limit here is 100MB, so videos larger than this will need to be cut into pieces.
While the file is uploading, users can add a subject line and message to the email. These will only appear in the emails. If you are sending the file to a mobile phone then simply ignore this option
Enter the email address and any numbers of the contacts you’d like, and separate the different information with semi colons
Finally enter the security code. If it states that you security code is invalid, simply click on the security code to generate a new one
Now click the Drop button and a message will be generated that states that your file has been dropped. Almost instantly your contacts will receive a link via email or text message to download the file
Gmail tends to label WizDrop messages as spam, so ensure to inform your friends that they are to expect a file before sending it, and that they need to keep an eye on their spam folder. WizDrop is a quick and easy way to share large files via email and text, but is a bit quirky at times too. The security code feature needs a bit more attention from its developers, and the upload and download speeds of the files are mediocre at best. But, when all is said and done, it is still much faster than many of the other file sharing applications and offers out there.

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